🧭 Mission

To make New York City the best run municipality in the world by mobilizing its residents to create solutions.

🔭 Vision

We envision an open and engaging city government that efficiently delivers projects and services to its residents, provides leadership to its region and actively contributes its knowledge to improve solutions for municipalities and regions around the world.

We know the city government can't do this alone. That's why we, the people of New York City, must make it happen ourselves.

😍 Inspiration

We're inspired by many of the public interest technology organizing projects around the world.

The g0v project, founded in Taiwan, is particularly impressive.

g0v aims to use technology in the interest of the public good, allowing citizens easy access to vital information and power to shape the civil society. Substituting the “o” with “0″ in gov, we want to use the Internet and digital thinking (0 & 1) to change the traditional “gov”.


G0v initiatives deliver two types of projects:

You can learn about other grassroots organized public interest and civic technology efforts in our knowledge base.

⚖️ Values

People use language differently, so articulating something as subjective as "values" can be an alienating process. Instead, we invite community members to post links to values statements that they think are important

Founding Statement of Values (by Devin)

What Makes a City "The Best"?